Earn money playing games. On our money making mission we have also came across some amazing websites that will reward it’s users for simply

playing games, tournaments etc. Playing games for earnings is very much a more interesting and easier way that persons can earn some money at

home especially now that we have the corona virus going on. Making money online is very much easy and can be referred to as one of the

quickest earning strategy that everyone should adapt to. Below are some websites tested by us where you can earn money playing games.

1: Lucky Fish

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Lucky fish is one of the top websites where literally anyone can earn for free playing tons of amazing games. On the lucky fish website you will find

a lot of games, whereas the best part is you can play them for free as long as you have the sufficient balance to play. If you intend to play without

investing anything, i will say to you that it is possible for you will also find a free faucet list of crypto that you can claim from. You can also chat with

other users if you’d like. Any successful bet that you make and win you will be rewarded in crypto. Cash out your crypto currency and exchange it for money. Click Me


  • Deposit or claim from the free faucet
  • Pick any game of your choice
  • Start betting to win
  • Chat with other members
  • Win on a regular streak to get rewards
  • Refer friends to earn
  • Withdraw your crypto
  • Payment in about a day

2: Coin Birds

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Coin birds is an amazing earning website that i use personally on a regular basis to generate passive income. It is an amazing site where literally

anyone can go to start earning immediately. This website has only one game in particular whereas you buy birds, the birds lay eggs and you

simply sell those eggs in exchange for income. You should also take into consideration that this website consist of 7 different bird species, being that

some will lay in more than others hourly. Now the 7th bird is a mystery taking into consideration that not even myself have seen it. The bird does

not lay eggs according to the rumors, it lays straight dollars into your wallet. On this site you will mostly earn coins which you can then convert into any of the 3 currencies of your choice. Click Me


  • Signup and get free birds
  • Claim from the free daily bonus
  • Buy more birds to double your income
  • Claim all eggs laid by your birds
  • sell them for coins
  • convert coins into cash
  • refer friends and earn coins
  • Payout time varies based on selected option

3: Gamehag

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Game hag is another great website that i will suggest if you are looking to earn money simply playing games. The site is probably one of the top

earning sites where you can earn money playing games online. Playing games is not the only way that you can earn on the site, for you will also

find other tasks like download apps along with writing articles, which you will also earn for. When you sign up for the Game hag website your main

goal should be earning as much soul gems as possible as well as looking out for the golden bats, for they contain special rewards that users can take

advantage of. Any particular task that you complete on the game hag website, you can expect your earnings to be in soul gems. Click Me use code GH6082923 who knows you might just get a bonus.


  • Listen to misty to learn everything quickly
  • Earn by doing surveys
  • Earn playing games
  • Earn doing tasks as well as writing articles
  • Collect free rewards
  • Participate in contests
  • Many more ways to earn
  • Upgrade to VIP for better results
  • Many ways to withdraw

4: Getpaidto

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Get paid to is another great website where persons can go to in their free time to earn some good money. It is safe to say that this website considers

everyone no matter there geographic location, for it offers tons of ways to earn suiting everyone’s need. While on the get paid to website you can earn

by doing surveys, playing games, doing offerwalls along with many additional ways. I strongly recommend that you pay this website a visit

especially if you are serious about making money online. Any particular task that you complete on the get paid to website you will earn GPT points which you can then withdraw for cash. Click Me


  • Play games to earn
  • Complete surveys
  • Do short links to earn
  • Refer your friends and earn
  • Participate in tournaments
  • Earn by completing task
  • Withdraw in four different ways
  • Min for payout varies from $1 to $5

5: Worldwinner

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World winner is another great earning website where you can invest your time into playing games in exchange for money. It will be fair to say that

this website is one of the top earning sites whereas you should also take into consideration that it is not free if you are looking to earn real cash.

However the games listed on this website are very cheap since you can start playing for as low as 25 cents. Don’t lose hope just yet, for when you sign up you earn welcome rewards which you can then use to purchase items in the store.


  • Play for free but no earnings
  • Play for real money when you deposit
  • Compete with other users
  • 1000 rewards points is $1
  • upgrade for more rewards
  • Convert rewards into cash
  • Earn extra by completing rewards tour

6: Bananatic

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Here is a another great earning site that may have probably heard of, called Bananatic. For sure it is one of the best websites currently out there where

you can play games for income in your spare time. On the website you will notice that there are a lot of bananas whereas your goal is to earn as much

as possible, for you need them in order to play games. You can earn bananas by doing simple tasks like downloading apps, Like and sharing

Bananatic on social media, watching videos and a whole lot more. Any particular task that you complete on this website your earnings will be in bananas.


  • Do offers to earn bananas
  • play games to earn bananas
  • Bet bananas to earn double
  • Claim from the free giveaway
  • Refer friends to earn
  • Connect your steam account
  • Many withdrawal choices

7: Loot Prizes

Earn money playing games, loot prizes

Loot prizes is another great website that i use personally to earn some side hustle cash, highly recommend it. Sharing some similarities with the others,

this website will pay you for spending time playing your favorite games, participating in offerwalls along with other additional earning ways. Even

though this is a great website there are some aspects that prevents it from being the best such as, when users pick a game of their choice then proceed

in completing a gaming task, They have to reach certain standards in a particular time before they get their reward. Any task that you complete successfully on this site you will be rewarded in points.


  • Play games to earn
  • Complete offers to earn
  • Share your link to earn
  • Use coupons to get cheap items
  • Withdraw in multiple ways
  • Min for withdrawal is 10,000 points

8: Wealth Words

Earn money playing games, crosswords etc

Wealth words is another amazing app that you may have probably heard of. These are the types of games that you should have your children play for

these games increase intellectual power along with reasoning skills which have been proven by me. On this game you can earn by playing poem

games, crosswords, stories and a whole lot more. Before you play anyone of the games, you should note that you will need tokens if you plan on

winning big prizes which could range up to $12,000. You play for free to win smaller prizes. Tokens have to be bought if you want to play for the big bucks.


  • Play with tokens for big money
  • Play for free but earning is small
  • Buy tokens for cheap as $0.25
  • Beat the time and win
  • Refer friends to earn
  • Cash out via paypal

9: Get Mega

Earn money playing games, get mega app

Get mega is another good earning app that you should utilize especially if you live in India. This game will pay you real money for spending some

time playing games. Something else you should know is that you will be playing with other players whereas there is also an entry fee. On this app

you will find games like puzzles, action, adventure and a whole lot more. This company is working extremely hard in getting rid of boredom for users tend to be satisfied knowing that they will get new games every week.


  • Earn playing games
  • Play games from a wide variety
  • Beat the boredom
  • refer friends to earn
  • play against other members
  • New games every week
  • Earn up to 1500 rupees

10: Free Lottery

Earn money playing games, free lottery

Free lottery is another amazing website where you can earn playing games at no cost. As you can expect, this site will let you earn by simply playing

lottery games. All you will need to do is sign up and play one of the two games, the daily draw which could range up to 500 pounds or the weekly

draw where prizes range 10,000 pounds. You should know that all games are free, so you don’t have to pay not one cent in order to win. I can assure

you that this website is 100 percent legit based on the reviews for you can witness a list of persons who won, the amount and the year in which they won.


  • Play the lottery at no cost
  • Play the daily lottery to win up to 500 pounds
  • Play the daily lottery to win up to 10000 pounds
  • Play other recommended games
  • Share with family members

We are on a tiring mission to find for you all the ways that you can make money online. It not an easy task for we have to do tons of test just to make

sure a website is not scam. We are certain that none of our listed websites are completely legit. Our earn money playing games mission has been a tremendous success. Be sure to check out the best money making websites