Earn money watching videos. It has been brought to our attention that making money by watching videos is becoming the new trend. On our

money making mission, we stumbled upon a few websites that will pay their users for investing time into watching videos, whereas by doing so

they will be paid in cash for the side hustle. With these websites you can make some really good money for watching the videos that you like,

especially if you can be referred to as a couch potato. Making money by watching videos is becoming a big thing, for i can certainly see each and

everyone one of us in the future watching all of our favorite shows and generating income from it. Earn money by watching videos is definitely the new trend, so be sure to join in today because you are missing out.

1: Coinpayu

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As may have already known Coinpayu is probably the best earning site that i have ever use compared to the rest. This website pays you for doing all

sorts of things whether it be watching ads or doing any of the 14 offers currently available. Recently it has been announced by Coinpayu that

something new will be added to their offer wall, known as Engaged hits. Recently added, Engaged hits is a platform that allows users to post their

Youtube videos free for an increase in views. For others who do not wish to upload anything but just want to earn, they can always watch the videos for

a particular time and when completed earning will be sent automatically. Users will get paid for every 10 video that they watch.


  • Watch videos to earn
  • Earning is unlimited
  • Refer friends to earn
  • Automatic payment for every 10 videos watched

2: Rev

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Rev is one of the top websites that will be you to become a freelance transcriptionist. This is where you will make money for listening to audio

along with video files, getting paid to convert them into a text format. This a very good opportunity that i suggest you take for by doing so you can

make up to $1,500 dollars a month on the side. Before you get started with rev you should note that your skills will be put to the test, just to assure that

you are at the required level for the job. Based on the job you select you can expect to make anything from $1.25 to $7 per minute. This is an

opportunity you should utilize as soon as possible, for it is limited due to the amount of job seekers in such pandemic times.


  • Earn money transcribing
  • Do the survey to see if you qualify
  • Schedule your own time
  • Earn up to $7 per minute
  • Earn up to $1500 a month

3: Paidvert

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Paidverts is not really a site where you can watch videos to earn money but more of a site a where you make money advertising as well as watching

ads. This a very great website that definitely earned it’s spot on this list with easily, based on it’s earning rate and the fact that it is free to use. On

this website there are a number of ways to earn such as paid ads, click grid, cash offers and a whole lot more. On this website you can actually make

$100 dollars a day or even $2,500 a month based on your activity and work. Another thing you should note is that the more you use the website you will

get an increase in earnings for you will be seen by the advertisers as someone valuable. Complete task and get bonuses. Click Me


  • View activation ads to qualify
  • Earn cash in a lot of ways
  • Increase earnings by using the site regularly
  • Refer friends to earn
  • Make money watching bonus ads

4: Hideout tv

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Hideout tv is an amazing website to earn that you should have probably heard of. With this website you can earn cash by simply watching videos as

well as uploading videos that you wish to get more views on. The reward website will pay you for every 3 videos that you watch successfully.

Something else that you should know is that when you watch videos you have to watch an ad as well for by watching them you will get a share from

the ad income that they received. Even though that hideout can be referred to as one of the best earning sites, it is only available to a few which is a big

disadvantage. On this website you can expect to make up to ten dollars a month.


  • Watch videos make money
  • Watch the ads and get a share
  • Upload videos to get more views
  • Earn more for being a loyal user
  • Refer friends and earn more
  • Earn up to $10 a month
  • Not available for most countries

5: Timebucks

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Appearing in one of my posts once again is Timebucks, an amazing earning website for everyone. Timebucks is a great reward site that has lot’s of ways

to earn suiting many of it’s users around the world. One of those great ways to earn is by watching videos whether it be Tik Tok or Youtube videos.

Before you jump into watching videos on the Timebucks website you should know that the earnings watching for videos are very low for it is

around haipmi. So when watching videos you will earn for watching a video for a particular time as well as subscribing to the uploader’s Youtube

channel. Earn twice as much by referring family and friends with your ref link.


  • Earn watching Youtube or Tik Tok videos
  • Tons of other ways to earn
  • Become a top earner to earn bonuses
  • Automatic payments every Thursday
  • Share your referral link to earn more

6: Bitcoin tube

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My bitcoin tube is another great website that you should really pay a visit to now. As you can already expect you will earn bitcoin for simply watching

Youtube videos online. If you wish to upload your Youtube videos to get more views you can do that as well. You get 500 unique viewers on your

Youtube videos for just 5 dollars. Your Youtube videos should be no less than 60 seconds long. I strongly suggest this website for it is better than the

rest due to the fact that it pays straight dollars instead of pennies. Another thing that you should note is that this website also consist of a lottery games

whereby each time you watch a video you will get a free lottery ticket, each time your referrals watch a paid video. This website is not available worldwide.


  • Earn bitcoin for watching videos
  • Make up to $210 dollars per video
  • Watch videos and get lottery tickets
  • Get tickets when referrals watch videos
  • Refer friends to earn more
  • Get more Youtube views
  • Not available for worldwide users

7: Bit tube

Earn money bit tube

Bit tube is another great earning site that i will suggest that you visit if you are serious about making cash online. Just like it’s cousin above you can

expect to watch Youtube videos and earn bitcoin in for doing so. On each video you will find an average duration of about 30 seconds where you

earn satoshi’s instantly after watching. Taking things further up the notch the bit tube website allows users to simply copy and paste any website URL,

therefor paying you to watch that particular video. The selected video should be no less than 60 seconds long. Another big advantage that this site

has over the competition is that there is no timer on the earning rate, it is endless. This site is international and can be used by anyone around the world.


  • Earn bitcoin watching videos
  • Watch any video that you like
  • Video duration is from 30 to 60 seconds
  • No limit to how much you can watch
  • Refer friends to earn more
  • Worldwide use
  • No minimum payout

8: Feature points

Earn money watching with Feature points

Feature points is a great website that has all sets of different ways for users to make some money online. This is an amazing website that will let it’s

users earn by doing surveys, shopping at there favorite stores to earn cash back along with doing particular offers. Another amazing way you could

earn on this website is by watching videos. This is an opportunity that you should really utilize for you can expect to upload your own custom videos

to earn points, whereas you will earn twice as much when your referrals watch your videos. The amount that you can earn from your referrals is unlimited for in such way you can boost your earnings quickly.


  • Earn cash doing offers
  • Earn money doing surveys earn money
  • Earn money shopping
  • Make videos and earn money
  • Refer friends to earn twice as much
  • Enter the contest to up to $100
  • Payout from $5 up

9: Rewardable

Earn money with rewardable

Rewardable is another legit website that you might have probably heard of. This website is currently available worldwide whereas i should warn you

about it’s bad reviews. Being said that they have paid out over 5 million dollars to their users, i must say that i do not believe such statement. Two of

the main complains from users is that the Rewardable website payout is extremely low and they have been missing points that they have worked

hard to earn. Even with these bad reviews the website remains legit and definitely earned a spot on this list, for their are many scams out there. You

can expect to earn by doing trivia, visiting retail stores, completing surveys as well as watching videos.


  • Earn watching videos
  • Do surveys to earn
  • Earn by visiting your favorite stores
  • Earn by giving feedback’s on products
  • Available worldwide
  • Earnings are very little
  • You might miss some of your earnings

10: Creation Rewards

Earn money with creation rewards

Here is another great website that i suggest you pay a visit to if you want to make some good money online. This is an amazing website that will pay

users for participating in surveys, visiting websites, doing special offers along with watching videos. Currently focusing on video earnings, users

can expect to watch several types of offers Adscend media videos, OfferToro Videos and Radium one videos. Earning by watching videos is

very much an easy task for all you have to do is watch a video for the given time then your earnings will be verified and transferred to your account

within about 30 to 24 hours. Each time you visit this website you will get daily bonuses. Sign up now to get a free $5 as a welcome bonus.


  • Earn cash for watching videos
  • Earn money exploring sites
  • Earn daily bonuses quick or full
  • Get $5 as a signup bonus
  • Pick one out 3 video offers
  • Refer your friends to earn more

All of the currently listed websites are completely legit, whereby we did ran into a few scams therefore losing money. You may notice that some of the sites

are not available in your region if you are not living overseas. You can bypass this by using a Vpn, not just any Vpn but undetectable ones such as Express

Vpn, CyberGhost Vpn or even the free Tunnel Bear Vpn. Be sure to subscribe to our blog so that you never miss our amazing updates.

Be sure to checkout some business tweaks you should try to start a successful business. Earn money watching videos is available for everyone worldwide.

You can also earn money playing your favorite games, click here. We are always looking for more ways to earn you money watching videos.