How to make some money fast in 2020? A question that has been asked many by persons for years. Making money online is very much an easy thing to do

but it’s the technique and the ways to earn is what persons lack. A lot of persons from around the world has an internet connection, but how much

of them know that it is the key to generating a passive income. You might be making money in the outdoors but i will say that you can make even on

the internet. As of 2020 it has been estimated that there is just about 3.2 billion persons currently connected to the internet whereas the numbers

are rising rapidly. With such a vast amount of persons online you should really take the opportunity to start some kind of online business for you

never know how much of those billions of persons will find your site therefore leaving you with a hefty bank account.

In This Post You Will Find The Following

MoneyHow to make some money fast
1.FreelancingGet paid for your skills, Lend these skills to big companies, work at your own time, earn up to $50,000 monthly.
2.AdvertisingEarn by advertising for free, Have a platform of your own to advertise on, possibly earn millions of dollars advertising.
3.Affiliate MarketingGet paid to promote companies or other persons products, Earn passive income for life, get paid up to 100,000 per month.
4.Book WritingEducate the world on something they don’t know, solve peoples everyday problems, Write a good book to become a famous and rich person.
5.TravellingGet paid to simply travel or by taking vacations, provide to companies proof of travel to earn, Earn back money that you may have spent travelling.
6.Start A BusinessProvide to customers things that they need, satisfy customers at all time, collect their feed backs, possibly become a millionaire from your business.
7.RentingRent valuable items and earn good money from them, your main goal should be on expanding your rental business, earn hundreds or thousands weekly/monthly.
8.BabysittingGet paid by persons for the time they don’t have, decide whether you want to babysit animals or babies, Make a few thousand dollars by doing, Charge more if you are a pro.
9.StrategistGet paid to plan special occasions for persons, create good plans and create them on time, charge more if you are very good, earn up to 70 thousand dollars or more based on work.
10.Social MediaEarn by promoting links or companies on your social media, utilize your fan base to earn money, earn by promoting others, possibly earn thousands of dollars doing this.
11.Resell JunkResell items that you have but don’t want, buy items that others have but don’t want then resell them as well, know the true value of items that you sell, possible become rich doing this.

1: Freelancing

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Image by William Iven from Pixabay

Freelancing is one of the most popular side hustles currently used by many individuals around the world, but mostly loved by the couch potatoes. Many

companies are now turning from full time workers to freelance workers so that they would not have to spend any unnecessary money as well as it is

more economical for their business. Do you have any skills that you can lend to big companies? Whether it is coding or writing. Well great!, This is an

opportunity that you should really utilize for you can expect to make well over $5000 dollars monthly by simply working in your free time. Another

big advantage that you will have is flexibility, whereby you can literally work for as many companies as possible as long you get their work done in

the required time. Working a part time job has never been sweeter for not all of us have desires of being at work all the time, therefore missing out

from our family and friends. Before you jump into freelance work you should always be flexible, complete task on time, target 5 or jobs if you want to make over 50,000 a month and you’re all set to go.

You will need

  • Good time management skills
  • Must be able to works under pressure
  • At least 2 hours of free time
  • Must maintain good ratings
  • Should be able to write or type fast
  • Have good communication skills
  • Should be persuasive
  • Must have a little experience

Best Freelance Websites


2: Advertising

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Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Advertising! One of the biggest industries currently out there today, which is currently worth just over 1 trillion dollars. With the help of the internet

advertising businesses has really grown immensely over the years for it tends to be easier as well as having more potential in reaching millions of

persons from around the world. When you hear about advertising, what is the first thing that comes to mind, Google and Facebook right? These are

two of the best companies that you should at least be on if you want to earn some good money within the advertising industry. Before you jump into

advertising, you should be aware of the dangerous scams currently out there, stating that you can earn a lot advertising for free, this isn’t

completely true. It is possible however to earn millions of dollars advertising but it is suggested that you own a specific platform such as a

website to reap the full benefits of sweet income. Two places where you can earn money from advertisements at know cost is from the popular

sharing site Pinterest, where you can advertise your links or a particular business and Youtube at which you simply create content that people will love, monetize it and watch your earnings grow.

You will need

  • Your own platform or website
  • An advertiser to provide you with ads
  • Use banner ads if you are looking to earn free
  • Must have a big audience to earn a lot
  • Ads should be eye catching to the audience
  • Should be a creative individual
  • Should avoid spamming at all times

Best Sites To Advertise On


3: Affiliate Marketing

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Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

Affiliate marketing, one of the most popular earning strategies that has been used since the 20th century and is still a profitable business today.

This is an undertaking in which companies or even persons will pay you for promoting their products in preference to their company.

Even though affiliate marketing is an old earning strategy it is still a very profitable business, Yes! you heard right it is still profitable.

My friends this is an opportunity that i suggest you join for in such an industry you can expect to make well over $100,000 dollars a month based

on your sharing skills and the amount of referrals that you managed to attain. As for someone who has been doing affiliate marketing for about a

year now like myself, i have manage to rack up cash monthly ranging in the six figures and believe me you can certainly do it as well.

Before you hop right into affiliate marketing you should know that majority of the affiliate companies are free so you wouldn’t have to worry

one bit about spending a penny. You see, what makes affiliate marketing special is the way that it allows persons to earn which is very similar to

investing, whereas persons with a lot of referred affiliates can earn from them for a lifetime for any particular work that they complete as well as

earning from the persons that they refer and it goes on. To conclude,

affiliate marketing literally has no limit the more people you interact with the better for you whereas the best part is that it is available to everyone from around the world.

You will need

  • Little or no experience whatsoever
  • Must have a large audience
  • At least 3 hours of free time a day
  • Should be a master in persuasion
  • Your own platform to promote on
  • Should be good at writing as well as talking
  • Should be popular on social media to earn a lot
  • Earn from newbies by sponsoring and helping them
  • Should target the most popular products

Best Affiliate Sites

  1. Amazon
  2. Cj
  5. SFI

4: Write A Book

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Image by StartupStockPhotos from Pixabay

Writing a book about something that you know or a particular past experience that you once had is one of the best thing that a person could

ever do. Just fantasize about school for a moment, it consist of a lot books that will be used for generations onward. Sharing some sort of knowledge

with the world is an opportunity that you should really utilize, due to the fact that persons from all over the world are constantly looking for answers

and you never know, you might have just that. Many companies are currently looking for amazing writers to create for them some interesting

as well a eye original content that has the ability to rise in popularity overtime. See for yourself my dear friends, i am writing right now for this

was a dream that i always had from a very young age, for sure you can do it as well. Have you ever wanted to be famous for something? Well now is

your chance to show the world what you are capable of, with the best part being that you can start writing today at no cost whatsoever. Just think

about the amount of lives that your book can impact in a positive way, also making you a famous person along with a hefty bank account.

Another advantage that you will have as a writer is working at the expense of your own time, so there will be no one to boss you around just all you.

Before you commence your journey into writing you should know these two hacks being that you should always write on something that you know

at heart or perhaps try writing about the experiences of others. Writing is free for everyone on a global basis scale, so be sure to take that chance to become a million dollar influencer.

You will need

  • Very good writing skills
  • Should write on something you know
  • Should always plan your work ahead of time
  • You will need 5 hours or more a day to write
  • Your writing should be persuasive
  • You should have a good sense of humor
  • You must be able to talk in front an audience
  • A little experience is recommended
  • Make your writing lengthy and easy to read
  • Publish your book and hope for the best

Best Websites For Publishers

  1. Amazon Kindle
  2. Good Reads

5: Travelling

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Image by Bilal EL-Daou from Pixabay

Travelling, is really a delightful experience for everyone, i mean which person doesn’t like to travel.

People tend to travel for many reasons whether it be for fun, to meet a lover or even for a better living. Let’s just admit here for a moment that no

one really dreams of being at one place for a lifetime, knowing that there is so much to explore in the world. Sure you can travel, but did you know that

you can actually earn real money by doing so? Well now you know, so what are you waiting for pack your suite-case and head out the door.

This is an opportunity that you really don’t want to miss on, due to the fact that companies are now taking things a notch higher realizing that this is a

very smart way to contribute to a countries economy also giving persons the motivation on why they should travel more.

You should not expect to become rich by doing this, but surely you can remake a portion of that money that you have spent while travelling the

world. Before you plan your vacation i would suggest you use these two ways to earn, with one being that you will earn money by simply travelling

whereas you will certainly need an internet connection at times and you can also earn money by taking beautiful pictures while on your journey

earning from them. Nothing is sweeter than earning money by doing something that you love so be sure to utilize this opportunity. Be sure to bring along your family members to earn twice as much.

This is completely free for all persons worldwide and i think all companies should do it for it not only put money into their pockets but also to the countries economy.

You will need

  • A place to stay with good WiFi connection
  • A good quality camera for pictures
  • Create a YouTube channel to share your experiences
  • Money, passports, tickets and family members
  • About 2 hours of free time to earn extra income
  • Show visitation proof in order to earn
  • Should be a social person
  • Plan your destinations carefully
  • Not recommended if you are afraid of flying etc

Sites To Earn Travelling


6: Start a business

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Image by Pexels from Pixabay

Starting a business has to be one of the best things that a persons could ever do within their lifetime.

This is so due to amount of advantages that comes with starting a business, for it will either put money in your pocket or take money out of your

pocket. Don’t worry tho, for your goal should be to create a good business due to the fact that good businesses tend to put money into your pocket on a

continuous basis so just focus on the benefits for now. We all know that businesses are extremely important to a countries economy and i know you

will agree. Just ask the governments, they are the ones that love it the most because when big businesses make their money they have to pay a portion

of it to the the governments, so it’s a win win strategy. Have you ever wanted to start your dream business? Well don’t waste anymore time, since

it is not even as hard as you might think. Being the case it is becoming more effortless to start a successful business for it doesn’t even require you to

have money anymore all you have to do is setup a crowdfunding where you will tell persons about your business plan or idea and persons from around

the world who are interested will fund your business to it’s success. Before you do start your business i think you should know that the business

industry is not for everyone, for persons must be prepared for the the benefits along with the consequences to such an industry. They can come in

the form of making you money, Sleeping less, less time with the family, getting sued, contributing to a countries economy and a whole lot more.

Don’t be afraid tho, that is the contract that you will have to sign with success and i’m sure your generation to come will be extremely happy that

you did so therefore giving them a brighter future and making earning so much easier for them. When you become a business owner always

remember that your doing to keep customers happy, don’t ever see it in a way of making money only your business will never last. Happy customers mean more money in your pocket.

You will need

  • Excellent time management skills
  • Must know how to manage a team
  • Should be as great leader and motivator
  • Plan your business ahead of time
  • Study the competition at all times
  • Leave no space for your competitions
  • Always work different from your competitions
  • You will need to have good lawyers
  • Your goal should be to satisfy customers
  • Look for the best employees
  • Hope for the best with your business

Sites To Get Your Business Going


7: Rent Something

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Image by OpenClipart-Vectors from Pixabay

Renting is an extremely popular money making strategy that we all have heard about at least once in our lifetime. A lot of companies have seen the

potential that comes with a renting business and guess what? They took a

shot at it, so you should to. When you hear the term renting you should think about all the things that you own, for you will always have something

that someone else want’s so therefore you can rent it to them. Yes you heard me right, you will always have something that someone else wants so if

they really want it they speak to you. In such modern times you can literally rent anything that you can get your hands on, even a pencil or pen.

Persons who own rental businesses can expect to earn anything from 300 dollars to hundreds of thousands weekly or monthly but will vary based on

the item your renting. You should keep in mind that when you start a rental business that your’e main goal is to satisfy your customers and expand your

franchise. Due to a lot competition around i do not recommend you rent the things that they already have unless you are sure completely sure you

will beat the competition, so always o something a little different from them.

A rental business is really something that i think everyone should try once in their life for it can make you a millionaire overtime.

You will need

  • You must have something rentable
  • Set reasonable price for rentable items
  • You should analyse your competitors
  • Do something different from your competitors
  • Focus on expanding your business
  • Allow investors to invest in your business
  • Make sure everything you do is legal
  • Focus on satisfying your customers
  • Interact with your customers
  • Pay regular visits to your business place
  • Collect feedback’s from your customers

Sites To Make Your Business Known


8: Babysitting

how to make money fast baby sitting
Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

Babysitting is a very good old fashion way to earn money fast that has really earned it’s spot unto this list.

As we already know, a lot of persons are extremely busy with their everyday lives therefore not having the necessary time to baby sit their kids

or even dogs. This is where you fit perfectly into the picture being that persons will literally pay you real money to replace for the time which they

do not have. It is not a cheaper way for them but a smarter and more time efficient way to work in terms of time management.

Do you think babysitting is the right job for you? Well it is completely up to you seeing that you can make some really good money babysitting for

someone. Even though babysitting is much a profitable job, i will say to you that it is not for everyone due to the fact that persons have to be more

responsible than ever before, as well as have a special bond for children, babies or even animals, It is actually based on the type of baby sitting you

plan on doing whether it is children or animals. Just in case you might be wondering a baby sitter can expect to make up to 3000 dollars or more

monthly, based on the type of baby sitting and the quantity. If you have plans to become a baby sitter you should never just do it for the money,

since you should make sure it is a hobby as well as something you really love to do by heart. Always work towards maintaining a five star baby sitter

rating, so you can expect to get the attention of those looking more quicker. A friend who has been in the baby sitting business for more than 5 years

once told me that when you are a good baby sitter persons will literally be fighting for your service therefore willing to increase prices just to have you

babysit for them. Baby sitting is free and can be done by most individuals, so be sure to take a shot at it from time to time.

You will need

  • A website to advertise your baby sitting business
  • Good communication skills and understanding
  • Should know how to have fun
  • Recommended that you have sense of humor
  • Focus on attaining some good reviews
  • Should be a very responsible individual
  • Must be a trustworthy person
  • Should have a good background
  • Recommended that you have some experience
  • You might need to cook and clean at times

Sites For Babysitters


9: Become a Strategist

how to make money fast as a strategist
Image by Pexels from Pixabay

A strategist is a very intelligent person who is talented within the fields of making plans as well as executing them.

I am a strategist myself being that i am excellent at creating plans with up to 90 percent of success.

This business field is an extremely profitable one but you should know it is not for everyone.

Do you think you got what it takes to be a strategist? I do believe you can do it, so hurry because persons out there are literally counting on you for your

service. We all know that there are billions of people in the world but i’m sure you can agree with me that not all of them can be referred as skillful in

terms of planning. This is where you fit into the big picture, whereas persons who lack the necessary skills needed for successful planning, will

pay you a lot of money for your service. In such an industry you should expect to plan peoples weddings, party events and all those things that will

fall under the field of a strategist. Being a strategist myself i must say that it is an extremely profitable business industry that i do love a lot, sure it

might be frustrating and time consuming at times but besides all this it is safe to say that this is an flexible job worth enjoying.

Just to educate you, a strategist can make anywhere from 70 thousand dollars or more based on their activity along with their success.

My friends let’s assume for a moment that you are the best strategist in your town or even your country, Do you know what that will do for you?

This will be an extremely huge benefit since everyone would be looking forward to your service.

Before you become a strategist you should always remember to focus on being one the best in the service that you offer because you do not know

who might be watching, might just be your favorite celeb. This job opportunity is completely free for all on a global scale, so be sure to try it out and tell me how it goes.

You will need

  • You should be over the average smart
  • Should have good time management skills
  • Must love the pen and paper
  • Plan and execute to customer satisfaction
  • Should always finish planning on time
  • Work to maintain the best ratings
  • A little experience will be required
  • Advertise so that persons could find you
  • Focus on creating more celebrity events

Sites For Strategist


10: Social Media

how to make money fast with social media
Image by Thomas Ulrich from Pixabay

As you may have already known social media is very much a popular and may just be the fastest way to earn a few bucks fast.

You already how it works it’s either that you are famous or you are not. If you are a type of persons who managed to rack a thousands of followers,

well lucky you for those same followers will literally pay you cash to promote them.

Not everyone is lucky when it comes to getting followers on social media so for that reason they will pay you to create for them a shortcut to success.

My friends I have witnessed with my own eyes popular people doing this and for sure they have been very successful, especially when it is cheap.

But wait!, there is another type of promotion that you should know about called company promotion.

This is an extremely popular earning strategy being that companies will pay both guys and girls to wear or show off some of the amazing products that

they have currently on sale. A friend of mine with over 300k followers shared with me that she makes anything from 100 dollars to 510 dollars

when she does her promotion, which sounds extremely good to me.

Do you have a lot of friends or followers on social media? If yes do not waste anymore time, for according to my friend you just need to say the

magic word, Cheap Promo Dm me now. I’m sure we can all agree that most persons are not fans of spending money so using the word cheap will be

music to their ears. Another earning strategy is by promoting other persons Youtube channels, Tik Tok videos etc. Most persons out there will literally

pay you in order to get some clout so be sure to utilize your massive social media following to earn a few bucks or two. This can be done by literally

anyone even those without a massive following , but it is recommended that you build a massive following page for earning through this way seems to be better.

You will need

  • Have a high social media following
  • Must be very active on social media
  • Interact with your followers often
  • Always take high quality pictures
  • Better to have a paypal account
  • Do cheap promos on a regular
  • Go live a few times so persons can see you
  • Be a little humorous on social media
  • Have a high following on all social media

Social Sites To Make Money


11: Resell Junk

how to make money fast reselling items
Image by RitaE from Pixabay

Everyone has some kind of junk within their homes that they either don’t want or just don’t like.

But did you know that you can resell your junk for some really good money?

Yes you can, so don’t tell me you have been throwing away your items thinking that they have no value because you are wrong.

You see your garbage is another mans gold, nothing makes them happier than to finally get their hands on that sweet beautiful trash that you once

think was worthless. I must warn you tho, you should always know the true value of the items you are selling or else you will live to regret it. I have

heard that persons have lost millions of dollars or even thousands selling an item for less of it’s actual value therefore going insane when they do find

out what they have lost. Right now as you are reading you might have something extremely valuable within your home and may not even be

aware of it, who knows it might just be the declaration of independence. So before you apply to start selling junk, you should search the internet

regularly to see if what you have might be something valuable. But hold on guys selling junk is not the only way you can earn a few bucks fast for you

can buy other peoples junk then resell at another pawn shop. As i said before one man junk is another man golden chest, it’s like winning the

lottery. Who ever knew that garbage could be so valuable right? Well now you do so start digging into your house for anything valuable you can find

even the ugliest ones. To start selling your items you could simply look or search for the nearest pawn shops, with the best part being most of them do

have extremely valuable items and may never even know it. In such a business you are required to be a master in business like me, So if you see

someone with something valuable that you wanted and they are unaware don’t ever offer them money but simply say i wanted this for my wife, husband or even kids and see if they give it, It’s just business.

You will need

  • You should be person who loves history
  • Know valuable from non valuable items
  • Keep educating ones-self on these items
  • Should be a master in making deals
  • Never make a valuable item look obvious
  • Clean items that need cleaning
  • Place all valuable items for bid

Sell Items On These Sites


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