Best apps to earn free bitcoin. Below are a some bitcoin earning apps that we have tested to see which really pays. Sure we ran into a few of scams but, the majority of the apps actually pays.

1: Cointiply

Do task to earn free bitcoin

Just like the website, you can expect to earn free bitcoin by viewing ads, watching videos and participating in high paying offers. The minimum that

you can withdraw for both app and website is 50,000 coins. Coins can also be earned by simply participating in the rain pool chat, where the most

conversational persons that chat without spamming will get rained on. Join now.

2: CryptoTab

Get bitcoin searching the web

With the CryptoTab browser you can earn bitcoin by simply searching the web and participating in their Instagram contests. You can increase your

mining speed by inviting families and friends whereby the more persons you invite the more you earn. Join now

3: Free Bitcoin App

Earn free bitcoin easily

This is an amazing app where you can earn free bitcoins by simply doing tasks, watching videos and testing out particular apps or services etc. You

can withdraw your money when you reach the $10 limit, for this is one of the best apps to earn free bitcoin.

4: Observa

Earn free bitcoin doing tasks

This is an amazing app where you can get paid real money for simply answering questions, taking pictures and doing surveys in stores. You can expect to get paid from $4-$20 which will be based on your overall task.

5: StormPlay

Do surveys to earn money

Storm play is another amazing app where you can earn free crypto currency by simply doing task, participating in surveys and by shopping for

things at your favorite store. Your earnings will be in storm, then you can convert them in to any currency that you desire. Minimum withdraw is around 200,000 bolts.

6: Bitcoin Blast

Play games and earn money

Bitcoin blast is an amazing game where you can earn free bitcoin by simply playing their puzzle game. Since it is free you have to watch an ad after

every game just to be fair. This game has tons of amazing levels with the best part being no limit to your withdrawals.


Earn money with TV-TWO

This is another amazing app that simply pays you btc or ethereum for simply watching YouTube videos and completing offers. The more videos

you watch and the longer they are in length expect to earn more. Withdrawal starts from 50,000 coins, but i suggest you earn way more before you withdraw.

8: Multi Wallets

Earn bitcoin with multi wallet faucet

Multi wallet faucet is a legit paying app that simply pays you for claiming from their free faucet as well as play games within the app. You can claim

from their free faucet every 13 minutes or if you are impatient use your earned Cr to play games on the app. Minimum withdraw is about 900 Cr for Payeer with other withdrawal options as well.