How to make money online? It has been brought to my attention that millions of persons from around the world have been looking for ways to earn money online.

Look no further, you’re at the right place. Making money online is very much an easy thing to do and should be your top

priority in these times of the pandemic (COVID-19). I guarantee that you will be making thousands, hundreds of thousands or even more after learning my strategies.

1: Create A Website

As you may have already known there are 4.54 billion persons using the internet as of 2020. A website is like a long term investment that will

generate for you passive income, as long as you are getting visitors and paying your hosting fees. Some of the most profitable websites are

Ecommerce, Blogs, Entertainment and Adult content. With such a vast amount of persons using the web i suggest you take a shot at creating your

first website. Things you will need: Domain name, Website hosting, Logo and a Template Design. Click the link under photo to create your website now. Click to create a website today.

2: Start Vlogging

Vlogging is where you create, then upload your best videos unto popular platforms such as Youtube, Tik-Tok, Twitch etc. It is a long term

investment that will generate for you passive income throughout the years. Before you hop into vlogging, you should reason about your skills and

talents so that you could use them as an advantage to build an audience. Some of the highest paid vloggers are Ninja, Mr. Beast and Loren Gray.

Things you will need: Camera, Talent or Skill, Computer to edit and an Audience.

3: Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is an undertaking by which affiliates earn income by promoting products for specific persons or a particular company. As you

may have known, affiliate marketing has been around way before the internet and is a great way you could make some cash online today. Some of

the most popular affiliate websites are: Amazon Associate, SFI Affiliate and CJ Affiliate. Things you will need: A Computer, Internet connection

and a Platform to promote affiliate products. Click to start earning money online use code 13750c6.

4: Invest In Stocks

Stocks can be referred to as securities that give individuals a share of a company or organization. Trading stocks is another profitable way that you

could make some good money online especially If you’re looking get rich quick. All you have to do is buy or sell shares of company and choose the

timing. Before you jump into stocks, you should know the major risk that lies for it takes one bad investment to lose all your money. Some of the most

popular trading sites are: Etoro, Binance and Ally Invest. Things you will need: Computer, Trading platform, Money and Presumption skills. Click to start trading stocks.

5: Buy Crypto

Bitcoin, Ethereum and ripple on top of a one hundred dollar bill against a mining rig
Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

Crypto-currencies are secured digital assets deigned to run on a network, that verifies and transfer funds to particular destination. Over the years

buying and exchanging crypto-currency has been my main focus to building wealth. Sure the crypto market may be down due to the corona

virus but besides that now is a very good time to invest. The strategy being used to earn from crypto is to buy it when it’s worth nothing and store it for

when it goes up in value. Some of the most valuable crypto currencies are: Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple. Things you will need: Computer, Cash and a Crypto Wallet.

6: Do Freelance Jobs

A computer, tablet, keyboard and a portable mouse on a desk
Image by William Iven from Pixabay

Freelancing is where a person gets paid to do a job that has been given unto them and should be finished before a particular timing. Freelance jobs are

indeed a profitable business that could easily fill your bank account and can even be done by the laziest persons in the world. Before you become a

freelancer you should pay attention to your skills or talents so that you can utilize them as an advantage to gather lots of customers and maintain a

good rating. Some of the most popular freelance sites are: Fiverr, Upwork and Guru. Things you need: Skill or Talent, A Freelance platform and good Time Management Skills. Click to join the best freelancing website.

7: Sell Domains

A list of top level domain names
Image by Jireh Gibson from Pixabay

Domain names are addresses that were designed to identify and represent specific websites on the web.

This business is one one that i have been in for the last few months, and must say that it is extremely profitable.

Even though selling domains is not the fastest way to earn, it is still profitable. Buying and selling domain names is an extremely profitable way

you could earn lots of cash and retire right now, at this very moment. You can also call it domain real estate due to the fact that they share some

similarities. Domain real estate is very easy and only takes you to buy a domain then resell it for 2x or even 50x the price you bought it for.

You see the thing is once they really want it, they will buy it no matter the price. Before you kick off with selling domains, you should focus on the

present as well as upcoming companies on their next moves for they are the ones that you should target because they will pay anything for

something they need, especially a domain. Some of the most expensive domains ever sold are: sold for $872 million,

sold for $49.7 million and Sold for $30 million. Best websites to buy a domain:, and Things you will need: Computer, Cash, Creativity and Future Presumption Skills.

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